The Facts About Evan McMullin

EVERY VOTER MUST SEE THIS BRIEF BUT VITALLY IMPORTANT EXCLUSIVE REPORT! Evan McMullin is the "NeverTrump" candidate that is supported by Establishment GOP politicians like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and others that are fighting to maintain the status quo "politics as usual" in Washington DC. Herein you discover that McMullin supports, TPP, Amnesty for ALL Illegal Aliens, Universal Healthcare via Tax Credits for Every American (aka HillaryCare), War with Russia over Syria to oust Assad and many other ideas that most Americans consider RADICAL. You'll be surprised how similar to, or exactly his stances on the issues are to Hillary Clinton's stances. The Liberal Media and Paid Establishment GOP pundits intentionally HIDE these TRUTHS from voters. But, we secured these FACTS directly from Evan McMullin's website, his social network posts and other information sources about him.

You Don't Know Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin the Romney Ryan Corrupt Establishment GOP Stooge Used to Elect Criminal Felon Hillary Clinton

"The Establishment politicians' goal is clearly stated and that is to thwart the will of American Voters to try to deny Donald Trump landslide victory over the unindicted Criminal Felon, Hillary Clinton. Thus, they admit to using Evan McMullin to elect Hillary Clinton. This is because she will continue the Pay-For-Play politics that has infected every aspect of DC politics."

Evan McMullin's Radical Stances

Like Hillary Clinton, Evan McMullin supports the US-Job-Killing TPP Trade Agreement that was COMPLETED in SECRET between foreign governments and corrupt U.S.A. Establishment politicians that are owned by their Big Money Globalist donors.

Like Hillary Clinton, Evan McMullin supports a Medicare-For-All type health insurance system. He wants ALL Americans not covered by employer health insurance to get a Tax Credit to pay for health insurance premiums. This will FORCE ALL employers to drop their coverage to stay competitive with others that also drop their coverage. Why not, if the government is going to pay for insurance for everyone? So, Evan McMullin supports "HillaryCare" that was rejected by ALL Americans in the '90s when Hillary Clinton tried to FORCE it on the U.S. Citizenry. Medicare is already in the red so Evan McMullin's Universal Healthcare Government-Funded plan would destroy the federal budget in just a few years.

Evan McMullin supports AMNESTY for ALL Illegal Aliens. Like Hillary Clinton, his ESTABLISHMENT MASTERS want OPEN BORDERS and flooding America with Illegals, thus destroying millions of jobs for U.S. Citizens and overwhelming the U.S. Welfare System.

During his time in the CIA Evan McMullin volunteered to resettle Muslim Refugees under a U.N. resettlement program. Now, he supports the Muslim Refugee infiltration of the USA, vs. Trump's SMART POLICY of creating SAFE ZONES for refugees near their homes so they can reenter when hostilities are stopped. 


Evan McMullin's Record of FAILURE

Evan McMullin refuses to tell anything about his QUESTIONABLE history with the CIA saying everything he did was too secret. Did he KILL innocent people? Was he involved in covert activities with enemies of the USA? Did the Muslim Refugees he helped commit atrocities? The bottom line is that Evan McMullin shows all of the signs of a CIA agent that was attracted to and then corrupted by Big Money Politics. Let's put these pieces together...

Evan McMullin abruptly quit the CIA and soon thereafter with ZERO EXPERIENCE worked 3 years for the Globalists at Goldman Sachs. This company is globally known to own many CORRUPT politicians in the U.S.A. This got him his next job.

Evan McMullin then became a "Policy Adviser" to CORRUPT Establishment GOP politicians. Once again Evan McMullin had NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE, except to work for the Globalist Goldman Sachs, miraculously he immediately became a "Chief Policy Adviser" helping corrupt GOP politicians promote FAILED policies that are destructive to the U.S.A.? Isn't it clear that McMullin established Globalist contacts while at the CIA, got indoctrinated at Goldman Sachs then became a Globalist tool to promote their agenda via use of CORRUPT bought and paid for GOP politicians?  

Evan McMullin's history with Goldman Sachs Globalists and his working with and advising on how to perpetuate the corrupt establishment political system shows he is EXACTLY what American voters are VOTING AGAINST.

Like Hillary Clinton, Evan McMullin is a Muslim Brotherhood crony that supports his Globalist Masters' Arab Spring "Regime Change" in Muslim nations. His FAILED policies ARE exactly the same as Hillary Clinton's FAILED Policies that created Al Qaeda and ISIS. His DISASTROUS plan has caused the mass genocide of Christians who were previously protected by the Muslim strongmen in nations like Syria, Egypt, Libya and other countries. Even the liberal PBS proves Evan McMullin's Muslim Brotherhood directed Regime Change plans to be destructive for Christians.


Everyone agrees that Hillary Clinton's Syrian plan to attack Syria would cause war with Russia. So Evan McMullin, like Hillary Clinton, would cause WAR WITH RUSSIA! His Globalist Masters control his agenda of continuous wars so they can make billions in arms sales. Who in the hell would support Evan McMullin that threatens the U.S.A. with Nuclear War with Russia!?

Evan McMullin gets his anti-Trump and mocking of Trump voter talking points directly from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

WikiLeaks: McMullin as Hillary's Target 3rd Party Spoiler?

Hillary Clinton's team began looking for a 3rd Party Spoiler back in 2014. Seems they found their "Target" in the "easy to brainwash" ex-CIA crony - Evan McMullin.

Evan McMullin is Hillary Clinton's SECRET Weapon

Evan McMullin admitted that his goal is to stop Donald Trump from winning the election. Evan McMullin's conspiracy with CORRUPT Establishment politicians and their big money donors to elect the unindicted CRIMINAL FELON, Hillary Clinton, would FORCE the DESTRUCTIVE Clinton Machine and their Marxist SCOTUS on the U.S.A.

Donald Trump Facts The Media Hides

WikiLeaks exposed the fact that the Leftist Media always coordinates with Democrat Politicians to execute an immoral joint operation of destroying GOP candidates. Normally the GOP candidates crumble under the pressure of the mass lies spewed about them in the liberal press. After elections the typical Leftist lies about GOP candidate's sexual assault, racism, etc., go away and the liars are paid off by the Democrat Party. In 2016 the GOP candidate happened to be Donald J. Trump who successfully fights back at the PUTRID LIARS in the Liberal media and establishment politicians.

Now all of the EVIL entities in the world are against Trump. This includes the Leftist Media LIARS, The entire CRIMINAL Democrat Party, the CORRUPT Establishment GOP, Anti-USA nations that support Global Muslim Jihad, Marxists, Organized Crime, etc. At a time when we need all of the forces of good to unite to elect Donald Trump, LUKEWARM pastors, priests and preachers are lost and so are their congregations. Thus 39 million "Christians Don't Vote"

REAL Christian Pastors Pray for Trump

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